Can we consider businesses to be natural creations of Gaia — the idea that all living and non-living components on Earth work together to promote life? There is little I can do about that, except continue to work on myself and be open to feedback and dialogue. His new book on psychedelics and shamanism, Breaking Open the Head, blends … There’s a phenomenon called “punctuated equilibrium,” according to which, during crisis, there’s a leap into a much higher order of complexity, and from that crisis, novelty emerges. I could actually get funding to go to exotic countries and take strange drugs. From my perspective, it’s not about going back to some kind of Luddite state, against technology. In my new book Metamorphosis: A New Operating System for Human Society, I am thinking about the process of how we move from our current civilisation, based on hierarchy and ecological decimation, to a new social operating system based on mutual aid, with an integrated world view. This happened during the same week that the Nazis were clearing the Jews out of the Warsaw Ghetto. did wrong: Sometimes women who knew my work would approach me wanting guidance When people have more access to diverse Yet, in recent years, he has received widespread criticism and attacks from within the psychedelic community for his outspoken admissions of sexually aggressive behavior in the past. Shot and Edited by Tony Torn. Support of any frequency or amount helps the cause. DANIEL PINCHBECK: I grew up in a very artistic, cultured home, but without any kind of spirituality. And as a truth teller, I felt it was necessary to express them honestly. I kept feeling the desire to explain myself and intellectually rationalize my actions in various ways. So that’s what I did. Many of us are starting to realize that our psychic capacities are intensifying; it’s almost as if there was once a very firm and impermeable boundary between the physical and the psychical, and that boundary is becoming more and more permeable, more available, and more subtly interactive, like when you remember someone after not thinking about them for a while and you run into them or they call you. regret if they do not initiate their first sexual contact while under the The Plumed Serpent Returns: An Interview with Daniel Pinchbeck, Catalyst Magazine, 2006. At first, this was Daniel Pinchbeck is one of the most important thinkers in the world on subjects such as the meaning of the hallucinogenic experience, alternative views of alien contact and new visions of reality. My parents were secular materialists, so I saw art as having this alternate value. That’s exactly what corporations seek. as thrilling as it was puzzling. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, but there needs to be more of a public referendum or an intervention by civil society into technology, because what we have with runaway technology until this point is a law of unintended consequences. We Need a Spiritual Revolution, Fifth Estate Interview, Oct 2007. idea that she didn’t have a partner. In the near term, if we look at a process that’s been going on for quite a while now, there’s a counterculture which constructs narratives, images, means of revolution, transformation, sexual liberation, magic and so on. It has only been in recent years that I have been working to tear that mask off entirely. We especially welcome contributions that challenge this piece and help advance these delicate conversations. Generally, people should bring more awareness and purpose into their journeys, 3 talking about this. Daniel Pinchbeck Interview: Posted by Events, February 22, 2017. As Jeremy Narby notes, Levels of complexity are not being addressed because we are in the process of rightfully hearing from those who have been abused, and not as focused on moving forward until such views are fully heard. Daniel Pinchbeck (born 15 June 1966) is an American author living in New York's East Village. selfish and unconscionable. cheating. I thought about going through an account of past acts that I now see as wrong, but I don’t see what value that would have. movement is focused on promoting the benefits of these compounds and, in fact, I propose that it’s time for us to put our life energy into our media genius, our technical capacity, and our communication skills to protect indigenous people and our natural resources, and to construct an alternative system for communities to share power more equitably. The poster on the Left has been widely circulated. Directed by Emmy Award nominee João Amorim, the film follows journalist Daniel Pinchbeck, author of the bestselling 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, on a quest for a new paradigm that integrates the archaic wisdom of tribal cultures with the scientific method. Other men I know have had similar circumstances. Or when you’re having destructive thoughts and they can come back on you when someone punches you at a party. Yet, many people in the psychedelic community believe that his behavior is unforgiveable and, exercising a “no second chances” approach, have sought to ostracize him from community circles and public events. We need to have a more deliberate dialogue concerning the pros and cons of technological development and to recognize that we can actually go back or change direction. Somehow, one day, he managed to get specks of it on his hands or breathe it in; so he had the first LSD trip accidentally. Please support Chacruna’s work by donating to us. Can we consider the emergence of the sharing economy as capitalism at its finest — a group of people exercising their free will to do what they think is best for them, which is to collectively share their resources? That’s the problem — as much as we see efforts from corporations to become more sustainable and more mindful, if they’re publicly traded, they’re still locked into the system where they ultimately have to maximise shareholder value. This is what I have been seeking to model with my company,, and with our nonprofit initiative, The Evolver Network. Daniel Pinchbeck and the New Psychedelic Elite, Rolling Stone, 2006. Official tennis player profile of Daniel Pinchbeck on the ATP Tour. So our language has this capacity, and the more we can use it with exactitude and clarity, the more it manifests the capacity that is built into it, as techniques like neurolinguistic programming explore. If you don’t know about 2012 doomsday predictions by now, you don’t have enough woo-woo friends. This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes the co-author of the new book, When Plants Dream, Bestselling Author, Daniel Pinchbeck. You can replay our interview here. We learn about ourselves by using tools and then by iterating new tool sets, which then reflect back on ourselves in other, more sophisticated ways. Futurist. My question is, can you do alchemy on the Corporations to turn them from poisons into medicines? But as ecosystems mature, they are much more marked by symbiosis, cooperation and mutual aid. This was a moral and Indeed, a simple google search of “Daniel Pinchbeck” at the time of writing brings up the earlier described Chacruna interview on “Confronting Sexual Assault” with Pinchbeck as the 7th result. ARTWORK BY DAVID SHERRY. His most recent work, How Soon is Now: From Personal Initiation to Global Transformation (2017), as well as being a manifesto for radical societal change in the face of global ecological crisis, was also controversially a confessional work in which Daniel apologized for what he understood, retrospectively, to be sexual misconduct. To contribute to Daniel’s crowdfunding campaign to publish Metamorphosis: A New Operating System for Human Society, visit But they can be remediated to have a positive impact. I am concerned that the #MeToo movement, unless it finds a more nuanced way to address past transgressions, will push many powerful, creative men toward the Right which increasingly rejects all forms of political correctness, where they will find a receptive audience that will not permanently ostracize them. Learn more here. At the same time, the capitalist superstructure is beginning to crack — a system that is based on constantly intensifying debt, which keeps people trapped in a state of artificial scarcity and competition. ... 2020 Liked by Daniel Pinchbeck. XERXES COOK — One thing that really stuck out in the documentary film made from your book 2012 — a title that will instantly make some people think of the Hollywood disaster movie — was that to believe in the Apocalypse, the Rapture, or that saviors in the form of Jesus Christ, the Mahdi saint, or extraterrestrials will come to join us, is spiritually lazy.DANIEL PINCHBECK — Absolutely. Reflecting on my This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes the co-author of the new book, When Plants Dream, Bestselling Author, Daniel Pinchbeck. One idea might be that people define their boundaries verbally before they take The 1960s manifested a massive social explosion of psychedelic consciousness, which affected culture, music, and art, and impacted the development of technology, as you noted, with people creating what later became the personal computer and the Internet. If Trump wins agains, one main reason will be that the Democrats forfeited their working class base more than a decade ago. I was a secular materialist, but I began to wonder, how did I really know that was the case, and could I make an inquiry into that? Pa… If a woman stands alone at a warehouse party or a DJ set at Daniel Pinchbeck. This makes it easy to demonize or deny the humanity of a group or adversary perceived as “other.”. 32:50 After reviewing Daniel’s experiences at Burning Man, and how they can shed some light onto the malleability of human nature, Greg and Pinchbeck pivot to discuss another topic covered in his book: his noble goal “to influence the influencers”.Daniel reflects on his potential impact on people like Russell Brand and his experience charting a copter to view crop circles with Sting. One that is not defined by the brands you wear or your musical taste, but instead by the consequences of your actions. Is this synchronicity a “cosmic giggle”?DANIEL PINCHBECK — The “cosmic giggle” was Terence McKenna’s phrase to describe the winks and synchronicities that tend to multiply when you take psychedelics. This is already happening for people who are becoming more aware of synchronicity and intention, and who are awakening to the process that is already underway. I believe that people must understand that we’re in a planetary emergency, and there is an alternative — it’s just a fairly radical one. This would make them feel I think this might be worth considering as healthier, on balance, than some of the more radical approaches we are seeing now. Molly Ringwald recently Gregory Wells, PhD is a a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and currently works as a psychologist in private practice…. Daniel Pinchbeck is a New York-based writer and journalist who has written pieces on art, psychedelics, and altered states of consciousness for Rolling Stone, The Village Voice, Wired, Salon, and The New York Times Magazine, among others. In addition to making public apologies for his past behavior, Daniel has made personal amends and engaged in restorative justice practices with those he feels he may have hurt. substances together, especially if they do not know each other well. chaos. We are a volunteer-led organization run by a team of experts and enthusiasts who give their time freely to bring education and cultural understanding about psychedelic plant medicines to a wider audience. The use of So my question is, can you do alchemy on the corporations to turn them from poisons into medicines? Once they have enchanted a foreign female client, they may see What does conscious consumerism mean to you — is self-sacrifice inherent to conscious consumerism? In general, I justified my behavior because I was acting the way that I did openly and was not hiding anything. philosopher. Exactly. I had an infection in my spine when I was twelve and spent eight months in the Daniel Pinchbeck went to some trouble to insert himself into the media as one of the leading Burning Man scenesters, following in his counter-cultural heritage at the heart of the Beat scene growing up on Ginsberg’s lap.. Pinchbeck’s “Evolver” group was a Burning Man-related social engineering think tank run out of Baltimore, Maryland. And the problem with the game of the stock market is that it has only one way to win, which is to maximise pure monetary profit for shareholders. This is what happened to me to some extent. I think all of us recognize this is going to be a long and People in the psychedelic community seek to explore ecstatic, expansive, and non-ordinary states of consciousness. XERXES COOK — Terence McKenna wrote extensively on the idea that the 21st of December, 2012 — the last day of the ancient Mayan calendar — could be a transformation point for the human species, a culmination of a time wave into a singularity. sexual experiences, however, it can lead to more compulsive patterns of As with other intoxicants, psychedelics can relax boundaries, blurring clarity around consent and leading to circumstances of misconduct or abuse. Interview of Thomas H. Greco by Daniel Pinchbeck (Reality Sandwich, Evolver). Psychedelic Illusions are Not Pathological, and May Even Help You See Better, Redwing Keyssar: Nurse, Midwife to the Dying, Ceremonialist,, Something we lack in our mass society are community gatherings; small-scale circles and meetings where friends and peers hold each other accountable and challenge each other to grow and change. So if corporations at the moment are extremely disruptive and often have a negative impact on the planet, it is because they are so powerful, because they are such incredible machines for taking ideas, energy and information and manifesting them. Words are powerful, magical instruments through which we create possibilities — or limit ourselves, if we are not careful. Spearheading this movement is Daniel Pinchbeck, a New York based writer whose alchemist ancestor discovered the compound — and came up with the formal terminology — of “Fool’s Gold.” However, unlike Occupy, and taking inspiration from alchemist philosophy, Pinchbeck believes our economic system and corporations — the poisons — we have created have the potential to act as remedies to the chaos they have contributed to our planet today. There is a historical reality of Daniel Pinchbeck is one of the most important thinkers in the world on subjects such as the meaning of the hallucinogenic experience, alternative views of alien contact and new visions of reality. DANIEL PINCHBECK. I also believe that the best thing I can do is to tell my own story; partly because, by doing so, it might help other people, particularly men, to reckon with their history, with things they had done and mistakes they had made. • 27th/Jul/2017. We have business structures that are destructive. If a corporation encounters an environmental restriction or regulation, it intrinsically seeks to corrupt or evade it. In response to #MeToo, a group of prominent French women, led by Catherine Deneuve, posted an Op-Ed where they defended the “freedom to bother” as part of a liberated and open society. I felt guilty, ashamed of male sexuality. Two of the main avenues for reaching ecstatic states are chemical intoxicants and sex. But we must enact that on a planetary level. preference for abusive men, as well as the larger culture. When I was in my twenties, I was part XERXES COOK — Speaking of fetal development, the pineal gland develops in the human embryo after 49 days, which is the exact number of days described in The Tibetan Book of the Dead that it takes for the soul to migrate to another physical incarnation. The Chacruna teams shares that Daniel Pinchbeck stated that he has contacted women who he felt he had acted poorly with and met with several of them, in one case with a mediator. cocaine and heroin were normal. Some have suggested this might resemble, in some ways, the Truth and Reconciliation commissions in South Africa after Apartheid. The result was 2002’s Breaking Open the Head: A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism. Is it mere coincidence that we’ve witnessed our global economic system collapse, an increasing number of environmental catastrophes, and more and more conflicts over the Earth’s dwindling natural resources at a time considered by an ancient calendar to mark a moment of dramatic transformation for our planet and its inhabitants? Described as a mashup of James Merrill, H. P. Lovecraft, and Carlos Castaneda, I was first introduced to Daniel Pinchbeck through his rather fascinating metaphysical study of prophesy in 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl*— a book that explored humanity’s precarious balance between greater self-potential and environmental disaster. One serious issue is abusive behavior home by my mother, who was depressed, and who framed her depression around the The compound didn’t seem to do anything, so they shelved it. From his experiences, Pinchbeck is convinced that reality is “increasingly malleable, responsive to psychic energy and conscious intention.” With this knowledge, he continued his line of inquiry by exploring Mayan prophecies about the year 2012 being a time of radical transformation for the planet. relating skills, which are far more important. We have the acceleration of climate change and the meltdown of the global financial superstructure, which is very much an artificial and cynical mechanism that feeds on the life of the planet. of a creative community in New York where heavy drinking and substances like PHILOSOPHER INTERVIEW BY XERXES COOK ON REVOLUTIONS. My parents were secular materialists, so I saw art as having this alternate value. Allen Ginsberg was somebody I knew a bit when I was young—I really had a lot of respect for him. As an example of what I So, stick around, here’s comes my interview with Daniel Pinchbeck, author of How Soon Is Now. When I came to that realization, I recalled my psychedelic experiences in college as the most profound tools that suggested or pointed toward other aspects of reality, other potencies of being and experience. It is this idea drawn from the alchemical principle that poisons can be medicines if taken at the right dose, and that the more powerful a poison is, the stronger a medicine it might be. When you get into shamanism and psychedelics, you often find that your psyche is like a battery that stores up a bigger and bigger charge, and suddenly that charge begins to find correspondences in the outside world. There were times that I acted Featuring Gregory Wells, Mark DiFilippo and Kufikiri Imara  His work was featured in the 2010 documentary, 2012: Time for Change, which promoted the value of indigenous knowledge systems He … Many men now fear that a sexual relationship that was, as far as they understood at the time, consensual might be reevaluated at a later date, even many years later, by their former partner, and perceived differently. What is your interpretation of what the 2012 prophecies represent?DANIEL PINCHBECK — From my perspective, the prophetic shift is already happening — it’s ongoing and deepening. instance—before they engage in sexual contact, particularly with a new partner. they may seek hedonistic pleasure, psychological insight, and mystical We … A system of indoctrination is designed to make people passive and obedient to authority — and to make them dependent and disempowered. Human beings are part of this planetary intelligence, the consciousness of an evolving planet. overwhelmingly borne the brunt of abuse, rape, and domestic violence. DANIEL PINCHBECK is a philosopher and author. Nobody anticipated how quickly we would develop this global nervous system of communications infrastructure.XERXES COOK — You’ve written on the importance of the language we use in shaping our world. Learn more here. This is complicated because many individuals, women as I think, with the sharing economy you’re seeing the beginning of this transformation, where you can utilise the tools of the system we’ve constructed and build a new system from within it, that rewards different behaviour patterns and values. This is an edited transcript of a conversation that took place on August 10, 2018, for Kosmos Journal. looked to me with respect. Is there something we can do about it? The classical Mayan calendar — the Long Count — is a 5,125-year sequence, based on the T’zolkin, a 260-day count. wrote an essay for The New Yorker on how these films, in which she starred, negatively shaped her own influence of substances. You don’t know how that influence is gonna get conveyed. If we reach that point, everybody could consume all they want. It is therefore likely that some people will seek to explore them together. I also Rather than boycotting companies you disagree with, to work in collaboration with them to show the ways forward? It was littered with references to Rudolf Steiner’s ecological theories, Martin Heidegger and Marshall McLuhan’s critiques of Western notions of progress, as well as ruminations on the nature of time itself. I always wanted to be a poet or a novelist, so I definitely associated with countercultural ideas. This is very much in alignment with ideas that Buckminster Fuller and that groups like Archigram had in the 1960s. sex. So it’s not the corporation’s fault, it’s our fault, as the creators of the game system. Shot and Edited by Tony Torn. A few weeks ago, I interviewed Robert F Kennedy Jr via Instagram Live. These experiences happened to me. I now find this unacceptable and unfortunate, but it was the norm at The Commodification of Ayahuasca: How Can we do Better? He has become the most prominent figure in the anti-vaccine movement and a lightning rod for controversy. How can we come up with more creative methods to transmit this message? the psychedelic community and festival circuit, I suddenly had exponentially In a #MeToo post published on his personal Facebook account, he admitted to seeking sex with much younger women, using substances as tools of seduction, and making unwanted advances. Mainstream culture has interpreted 2012 as the coming of the apocalypse, which made it easy to dismiss and ridicule. 11 talking about this. Do you see the Internet as a series of parallel worlds or — with its invisible hum of information above the Earth transferred via satellites — to be a manifestation of Teilhard de Chardin’s noosphere, his word coined in the 1920s to mean “mind-sphere?” Is the Internet the last strata of Gaia?DANIEL PINCHBECK — I think that technology is an aspect of conscious process and of evolution. Ultimately, we can transition to Cradle to Cradle practices, redesigning the industrial manufacturing system so that everything we make is powered by renewables, and feeds back productively and beneficially to the ecosystem. For example, the discovery of LSD appeared in tandem with the spread of National Socialism and the beginnings of the Manhattan Project; the popularization of DMT — a psychoactive chemical thought to be released by the pineal gland at the time of death, which leads to out-of-body experiences in parallel worlds — showed up during the early days of Web 1.0, inspiring the pioneers who developed the fractal universe of digital communications. Most people weren’t ready to focus on the environmental crises we’re facing and which grow more and more threatening. [18] He interviewed Alejandro Jodorowsky for the German/French art television network Arte in a very personal discussion, spending a night together in France, continuing the interview in different locations like in a park and in a hotel. Banter Editor Ben Cohen discusses the horrors of the Trump administration, the potential end of civilization and what we can do with it with author Daniel Pinchbeck. Daniel Pinchbeck, Interview Magazine. Most people weren’t ready to focus on the environmental crises we’re facing and which grow more and more threatening. As I became a kind of celebrity in Daniel speaks about the view ancient cultures had about the shift, what they believed was coming and how the cosmos affects our reality. We have to say, Okay. These guidelines should be circulated through the global ayahuasca community. However, he is still interested in participating in deeper processes of “restorative justice,” as he ideally should. But obviously, to get from competition to cooperation will require a fundamental redesign of our economic system. Albert Hoffman was a chemist for Sandoz, living in Basel, Switzerland. It can be found in the proliferation of alternative energy organizations, digital democracy advocates, yoga retreats, urban homesteaders, organic food outlets, and of course the Occupy movement.

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